Holocaust In Ellie Wiesel's Night

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After warnings about the bad intentions that Nazis in Germany had against Jewish the family of Wiesel and other Jewish in the city of Sighet decided to remain in the city. In a concentration camp called Auschwitz, Ellie gets separated from his mother and older sister but staying with his father. Ellie fights to survive hunger and abuse while having to face the destruction of his faith in god. He is forced to a situation where he does not know whether to support his father who kept on getting sicker and weaker or to give himself the opportunity to live. The Jewish of Sighet are forced to the concentration camps using trains every night. The conditions of the trip to the camps were horrible. Jewish were treated worse than the way they would treat animals. On the way to the concentration camp a woman screams “Fire! I see a fire! I see a fire!” (p. 24) at first they try to ignore her and don’t put much attention to her. When the train gets to its destination they are in Birkenau, they can smell the air with the smoky ovens. There they tell them to get out of the wagons and to leave everything in there. Jewish are not allow to keep any of his belongings; they no longer had the right to keep any of their valuable things. While getting out of the wagon …show more content…

This dehumanized the Jewish because they could see and smell people dying and they were not able to do anything to defend them. People being thrown to the flames had no clothes (they had no respect for Jewish religion). Another example of dehumanizing is when Ellie’s father is being hit to death. “ Eliezer, my son, come here… I want to tell you something… Only to you... Come don’t leave me alone… Eliezer” (p. 14) this shows how Ellie had lost respect for his father. Instead of going to him and hold his hand as it was his father last wish. He did not try to stop them from hitting his father or to even say a word to him to let him know that he still cared for

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