Homelessness In Canadian Society: Life With Dignity

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In the class CINT 908 – Homelessness in Canadian Society, an activity called Life with Dignity where we calculated the average of what we think living a life with dignity is financially and it greatly intrigued me in wanting to do this essay. This topic of Life with Dignity is subjective and vague because it varies depending on each person and their culture, history and experiences. However, in this paper, I would be explaining my perspective of what I think it means to be living in a life of dignity based off of my experiences and understanding. Additionally, this paper will explore the systemic structures put in place that prevents many individuals and families from living the life of dignity and yet, making the same individuals and families …show more content…

To me, essential factors like food, clothing, and shelter should not be a privilege but a foundation all humans deserve to have. With life of dignity, not only should individuals not have to care for basic necessities, but they should also be able to spend upon their interests for their social life and also able to have savings for the future. As a social work student, I have come to an understanding that poverty and homelessness is not a choice but is stem through uncontrollable circumstances that individuals experience; however, it is the government’s responsibility to take action. Though I knew this prior to the interview, I learnt later on that there is poverty in not only aspects that can been seen on the street levels but is also much more hidden than I had anticipated. As well, how we have used the word privilege today as having the basic needs in …show more content…

I believe that basic needs like food, shelter and clothes are essentials in life and should not be considered a life of dignity but the bare minimal requirement as humans; however, I have come to realize during this interview that these foundational factors to live are treated as a privilege in modern society. Reflecting back, I remember when I am listening to any speakers speak about privilege, they tend to ask the questions “Who here has a roof over their head?”, “Who here does not have to worry whether or not they will have food tonight?” and conclude in saying that those listening are privileged. I realize that we have been normalized to say that having basic foundations of life is a privilege. By definition, privilege is: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available to a particular person or group of people - Google. Now I question, how is obtaining the basic needs for survival a privilege that only a group of people are able to obtain? As humans, we should all be able to obtain these basic needs yet in society today, it is seen as a privilege. In the beginning, I mentioned that those living in poverty sometimes believe that they are in middle class. This is because our society has created discourses that allow families to believe that as long as they have a roof, they are living in middle class. This belief greatly disregard debts and other barriers that

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