Homelessness In Ohio Essay

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Homelessness Toledo, Ohio
Homelessness is an issue that has persisted for a very long time in several communities across the United States, including Toledo, Ohio, which is located in the state of Ohio. Recently, finding long-term housing has been challenging for many residents of Toledo, particularly families. Because of this, there are now a more significant number of people living on the streets in the city. This essay will investigate the factors that contribute to homelessness in Toledo, discuss its effects on individuals and the city as a whole, and present three potential solutions to the problem that it has spawned.
The Causes of Homelessness in Toledo, Ohio
According to Arsene et al.(2023), the issue of homelessness in Toledo, Ohio, …show more content…

The most significant disadvantage of homelessness is the damage it does, both physically and psychologically, to a person's health. Those forced to live on the streets or in temporary housing are at a greater risk of being injured by other people or being ill with a contagious disease themselves, both of which can spread to others. Homeless people may have mental health problems due to the stress and trauma of not having a place to call home (Southworth & Brallier,2023). Children, particularly younger children, are especially vulnerable to the effects that can arise due to their family's lack of stable housing. Homeless children usually face difficulties attending school, obtaining the essentials, and dealing with much more anxiety and unpredictability than other children. These unfavorable outcomes may affect their development and overall health in the long run. In addition, the number of homeless people in Toledo affects the entirety of the city. As a result of the increased demand for local services such as law enforcement, hospitals, and emergency shelters, the community and the local government may be negatively impacted. As a consequence of people being homeless, the community and taxpayers may also experience significant economic hardship. Those who are homeless, for example, can have a more significant requirement for the public, emergency, and medical …show more content…

If we work together, share our knowledge, and pool our resources, we can develop and implement more effective programs to reduce and eliminate homelessness.
Best Solution
The best approach is to help with substance abuse and mental health. According to an atricle written by Peter Tarr, “Most researchers agree that the connection between homelessness and mental illness is a complicated, two-way relationship. An individual’s mental illness may lead to cognitive and behavioral problems that make it difficult to earn a stable income or to carry out daily activities in ways that encourage stable housing.” (Tarr 2020, para. 3). With this being said being homeless is very problematic because it causes a lot of mental illness and substance abuse and people are dying from

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