Homelessness, Social Justice And The Ottawa Charter

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Executive Summary Introduction
Homelessness is an everlasting issue within the vast area of the state of Queensland, with it also being an increasing issue in the region of Logan city. There are twelve hundred and twenty-nine people experiencing homelessness in the region and unfortunately 29% of the homeless population is made up of 355 young people (Queensland Youth Housing Coalition, 2016). The Social Ecological Model, Social Justice and Ottawa Charter are frameworks that will help provide better understanding of the issue. They also assist in creating a diffusion action plan to fend against the issues. Such as, the housing market …show more content…

The Ottawa Charter recognizes that health is influenced by social, economic, and environmental factors and that addressing these factors is critical for promoting health and well-being.
Homelessness is a public health issue that has negative impacts on the physical and mental health of individuals. Homeless individuals are at higher risk of developing chronic diseases, mental health disorders, and substance abuse problems. Therefore, addressing homelessness is critical for promoting health and well-being.
The Ottawa Charter provides a framework for addressing homelessness by promoting policies and programs that address the social determinants of health. This includes providing access to affordable housing, healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. Additionally, it requires addressing the root causes of homelessness, such as poverty, discrimination, and inequality.
Diffusion Action Plan: Promotional Week in School
To raise awareness of homelessness among school students, a promotional week can be organized in schools. The goal of the promotional week is to educate students about homelessness, its causes, and its impacts on individuals and society. The following diffusion action plan outlines the strategies that can be used to promote the awareness week in

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