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Homemade Corn Nuggets: A Step by Step Guide Whether you classify corn nuggets as an appetizer, junk food, or a main course; there is no denying that these little golden nuggets hold a spot close to our comfort food craving hearts. Despite what tradition may imply, corn nuggets don’t have to come from the freezer section at the grocery store. Homemade corn nuggets are surprisingly simple and you can easily whip them up for a late night snack or the perfect party finger food. Corn nuggets can be a bit of a tricky recipe to wrap your head around; I mean think about it, how do you fry a crispy golden nugget, filled with a creamy sweet corn? That is where your freezer comes into play. By freezing the corn mixture, it allows you to have a solid …show more content…

So, what is the difference? • Corn nuggets are more of a round or oval shape and when you bit into them, you get a rich and creamy corn mixture that is the perfect combination with the crispy exterior. • Corn fritters have a completely different texture; the batter doesn’t so much crust the outside as it does with a corn nugget, instead, it forms more around the corn. When you bite into a corn fritter you will find more of a crispy chewy texture. What You Will Need • 1 Can of Creamed Corn (11oz) You may also use frozen or homemade cream corn as well without any issues • 1 Can of Whole Kernel Corn (11oz), drained Frozen whole kernel corn would work just fine. If you prefer to use fresh corn, be sure to cook it first. You can cook it on the cob and slice it off, steam it, or Sautee’ it before combining with the cream corn. • ½ Cup yellow cornmeal • ½ Cup all-purpose flour • 1 egg white • 2 Tablespoon milk, the batter should be thick but creamy. Remember that you can always add more but you can’t take it away if you add to much milk! If the consistency seems crumbly or too thick, add in additional milk a teaspoon at a time, then mix and check

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