Breakfast Tacos Research Paper

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Breakfast Tacos All Day! Everything you ever wanted to know about Breakfast Tacos in a handy F.A.Q. List: Breakfast Tacos All Day [image source] In your opinion, what makes a breakfast taco a breakfast taco? Breakfast tacos aren’t really breakfast tacos without eggs, in my opinion. Some people might order just a potato and chorizo taco, but eggs really complete the taco. I’m also a fan of flour tortillas instead of corn for breakfast tacos. Corn just doesn 't go as well with the traditional breakfast fillings. Why are breakfast tacos so much better than breakfast burritos? Breakfast burritos are just too big and complicated. They are often overloaded with ingredients and made in a giant tortilla. I’d rather eat two or three smaller tacos…show more content…
But chorizo—depending on the kind of chorizo—can be a good substitute for the bacon. When did you first discover breakfast tacos? I 've always made the equivalent of breakfast tacos at home, even growing up in Missouri, but I didn 't realize how special they were to Austin until I went to Dallas and was forced to eat a breakfast burrito that everyone insisted was no different than a breakfast taco. Can you share a memorable breakfast taco story? Every time I go on a road trip and leave early in the morning, I call up the Taqueria Jaliscienses near my house (whose number is saved under “tacos” in my cell phone) and pre-order enough breakfast tacos for everyone in the car. You have to order ahead because it takes so long (they must have to gather the eggs from the chicken before making them), but they are cheap, piping hot, not-too-greasy, and a perfect way to start any journey. What’s the deal with breakfast burritos and how come they are so persistent despite their obvious inferiority to breakfast tacos? It must be the the double “r” that is keeping them alive, it just sounds fancier than a little ol’ taco. I can’t roll my “rr” properly, so for me tacos trump burritos every time. What’s your favorite breakfast
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