Hopalong In Faulkner's The Trail To Seven Pines

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The Trail To Seven Pines is a book involving the revered Hopalong Cassidy in the Wild West of the late 1800’s. Hopalong is a drifter who helps out those in need. He has a very stern demeanor that he often uses to entice his opponents. It starts out with Cassidy riding along when he spot a group of riders riding along the bottom of the mammoth canyon wall. Immediately, he decides to follow them and after a while hears some shots. Further along, he finds the bodies of the stage coach driver and lookout. He goes into town to try and find the murderers and meets some old friends of his at the Rocking R ranch. He finds out that the Rocking R and 3G are in a range war over land. He is then in a precarious predicament because he wants to find the

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