House Of Payne Character Analysis

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Tyler’s Perry House of Payne Could female stereotypes be the results of cultural influence, religious teachings, or is it because of natural laws that females do not enjoy complete rights as their male counterparts do? While answers to this important question remain debatable, female stereotypes need redress. In Tyler Perry's House of Payne, season one, episode one and season two, episode two, the role of female characters and the role of male characters highlight stereotypical bias toward females in most television shows. To begin with, in the episodes, titled “Bully and the beast,” and “I can cry if I can,” nearly all the females characters are depicted as dependent, ill-mannered, insincere and saboteurs, accept for one. For example, Ella Payne, Mr. Payne’s wife, is portrayed as house …show more content…

The female characters were weak, more concern about being attractive, not smart and they emotional during social situations. In regards, to female bias on TV, a 1977 Nancy Signorelli’s "study of Television Shows and Commercials, Movies, Music Videos, and Teen Magazine Articles and Ads,” shows that women play fewer and less significant roles in "television programs.” It further clams that females “are seen working... or cast as professionals" only in limited scenes. Instead, they are presented more as having no occupation and caring more about their relationships. The report further indicates that "women rely on their male… partner to help them solve problems and… achieve their goals;" and that "women in media” do things that describe them as "stereotypical females..., grooming or peering…" The findings by the report are convincing; especially when watching those episodes during the TV

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