How 9/11: The Flights That Changed America

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The flights that changed america 9/11/01 was a scary day for a lot of people. Parents were scared for there kids and, a lot of people thought they were going to be in the area next. People had questions like, who did this? How many people taken from the families and others? But most people don’t even think about how did 9/11 happened. Two planes hit the twin towers. Flight 175 and flight 11. Flight 175 took off at 8:14 AM, and flight 11 took off at 8:13AM.Flight 175 had 64 people on it and flight 11 had 92 people on it. Everyone thought it was just going to be a normal flight, but little did they know that that that was going to be the end of their life. 9/11 is all about two planes hitting the twin towers. Flight 11 hit the North tower

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