How Did Albrecht Durer Impact The World

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The Renaissance was a time of renewed interest in art, music, and architecture. The Renaissance was around from the 1300-1700s in Italy and meant rebirth. It was also a time between the Middle Ages and Modern History. Albrecht Durer was a painter, printmaker, and a theorist of the German Renaissance whose many accomplishments impacted the world and reflected the values of the Renaissance during 1471-1528. Albrecht Durer accomplished many masterpieces during the time of the German Renaissance. Albrecht Durer was born in 1471 and died in year 1528. During his years of living, Durer was a painter whom was very famous for his painting the ‘Praying Hands’. He was inspired to paint this because of his childhood. When he was living in a house with eighteen kids, he and his brother both wanted to apply to a college for art. Unfortunately though, his family was poor and couldn’t afford both of them to go. They could hardly afford one of them, because of this the brothers had to flip a coin to see who worked in the mines to pay for the other to go to college for four years. …show more content…

The painting “Praying Hands” had a huge impact towards the world. This is the one painting that most people know about. “The Praying Hands” were the hands of Moses worshipping God. It had such a big impact on the world because christianity was big. Albrecht Durer has become ill of a disease, and since he has become ill he has only sketched drawings and had not done any paintings. Albrecht Durer most impacted work was his self portrait of him holding a thistle in 1493. It was one of the very first independent self-portraits in the Western paintings. Albrecht still says this, “No single man can be taken as a model for a perfect figure, for no man lives on earth who is endowed with the whole of beauty.” Thus the main reason for its success in the world. Albrecht Durer influenced people around with his

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