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From the fifteenth century to the seventeenth centuries society experienced a shift from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. During this time Europe underwent many significant changes that were often expressed through the historical art. Passionate and experienced artists used their skills to create masterpieces that would highlighted these changes and led to the success of their careers. During this shift Medieval point of views began to fade away and a new Era full of new perspectives began to form. The Renaissance was known by many as the rebirth of the humanist culture. People from this time period were seen to have a different perspective than people from the Medieval time had. These people were fascinated by the world, its beauty, and …show more content…

The first “The Last Supper” artwork completed in 1393 during Medieval times, clearly portrays the meal as a religious event, compared to the artwork in document 4 In Which without the title most people would not recognize the religious event. The first artwork shows the 13 disciples 12 of which all have religious halos over their heads. The 13 figures also don’t have that much detail in them and could almost look as if they were frozen in time without any movement. Jesus is also in the back and is sticking up a little more than the other figures, he is also holding a cup and is blessing one of the disciples who is laying down right in front of him. Just showing that he is blessing him shows the religious side to this event. This artist makes it clear that this is a religious event and not one of the natural humanistic events like a regular family dinner. Document 4, involving the second portrayal of “the last supper” was created exactly 100 years later. Although Leonardo’s version is also showing the same event, he manages to leave out the clear religious parts from the first painting and incorporates the use of linear perspective therefore making the viewer feel as if they were there being involved in the figures conversations. The amount of detail that Da Vinci uses makes the figures come alive and be in motion. The garments on which they are wearing are even folded and adds …show more content…

The shift in the art style changed the way people viewed reality. This was just because of the art and how it led to people seeing the world differently. The idea that man was capable of great accomplishment inspired many artists to pursue their studies in the arts and humanities. During the Middle Ages, people believed that only God had the power to create. The Renaissance, however, gave credit to artistic creativity and achievement. Artists started to take pride in their artwork and began exploring new humanist themes in their art rather than focusing on the traditional biblical subject matter that was popular during the middle ages. Italian scholars and artists saw themselves as reawakening to the ideals and achievements of classical Roman culture. Renaissance art gave philosophers a different perspective on reality and this affected their writings from then on. Artists used the idea of symmetry and linear perspective which also led to people developing interests in math and science. Scientists and Mathematicians became inspired by the work of art being created just like how artists became inspired by philosophies and new theories coming into the time period. Artwork also influenced inventors to create new invention, these artists showed people what humans are really capable of. The artwork of the renaissance was one of the main

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