Claude Monet's Influence On French Impressionism

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The Renaissance was marked by prosperity with works of religious service, holy deities, meticulous, and beautifully perfected paintings. These works have re-produced the golden glow of ancient Greece - Rome. However, the historical flow is a non-stop movement, in which its fluctuations lie in viewpoints and sentiment of human beings. Likewise, art is not separable from history. Art is often influenced by history. In the mid-nineteenth century, the French Revolution broke the strong regimes of feudalism to create a revolutionary road. The rapid transformation of the political and economic society makes the French seem to run the lines of history and forget noticing the beautiful meanings of each moment. At this time, art had its own voice. Impressionism…show more content…
He was born on November 14, 1840, in the beautiful capital Paris. At the age of five, his family moved to Le Haver, where was a large seaport France. Claude Monet was the mischievous boy. He did not like to learn in the traditional way, which let students lack motivation. He felt like being incarcerated as he was in his class. Thus, outside the classroom, he unfolded to nature. He jumped on the hill and watched the sunshine down the coast. He was fascinated by the combination of the sun and sea to create subtle colors. Monet 's father wanted him to continue his family 's dry food business, but Monet only liked drawing. Eugène Boudin, a frequent artist on the Normandy beach, taught Monet some of the first drawing techniques in 1856. In 1861 to 1862, Monet served in the army of Algeria. Lecadre, a Monet 's aunt, agreed to help him out of the military if Monet followed the arts sciences at the university. Monet left the army to enter the university. Nevertheless, the traditional painting style was taught there that did not to fascinate Monet. In 1862, Monet studied art with Charles Gleyre in Paris. He met Pierre-Auguste Renoir, whom he would co-create with the Impressionism art. They became close friends for the rest of their…show more content…
To be known, Monet and his friends spread out an exhibition together in 1874. With an independent and powerful style, the "Impression Sunrise" painting made artists be a great shock at that time. The layout was unclear. There was no symmetry between blocks and colors of the classical academic. The scene of this painting was ambiguous in the symphony of color and light. By bringing new and unique visual effects, paintings of Monet and his friends were the over standard. It was not surprising when these paintings were not well received. These were painted following completely different techniques with the arts at nineteenth century. Artistic critics react violently. Some of them like Jules Antoine, Emile Zola, and Felix Feneon had voiced their views on the way the natural science imbalances of this new style. In addition, the critic Louis Leroy based on the painting "Impression Sunrise" to mock them with an article titled "The Exhibition of the Impressionists". In response to these provocations, at the third exhibition in 1876, Monet and his friends used the word “Impressionism” to name their
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