Greek, Roman, Baroque, And Baroque Time Periods Of Art

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Throughout mankind, the concept of art has developed and changed. We have observed a variety of artistic forms and styles through paintings and sculptures. Numerous amount of cultures and time periods we 're established in history from art. Some include the Greek, Roman, Early Christian, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque time periods of art. During each of those time periods, new artistic styles were created and transformed. Thousands of paintings and sculptures were made in these periods of time. In this essay, I will imagine myself being a curator of an art gallery that has a Greek room, a Roman room, an Early Christian room, a Gothic room, a Renaissance room, and a Baroque room. I will select two pieces for each room and discuss why I would put those paintings and sculptures in each room at the gallery. I will explain two pieces that I would place in the Greek room at the gallery. The first piece is a painting called "Amphora". The artist of the piece is Exekias. He created precise styles in this work. This piece was created around 550-525 B.C. The second piece is a sculpture called the "Siren Vase". "It used to be in a famous collection of antiquities, paintings and drawings assembled by the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte" (source 1). This piece was created around 480-470 B.C. These two pieces were the best to use because these paintings were done on sculptures. Both of these artists masterfully created the paintings on a round and circular object and that attribute is
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