Camille Paparro's Accomplishments

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Camille Pissarro is born in the U.S Virgin Islands in 1830. He is born part French and part Danish from his parents. He moved to Paris at the age of 12 to pursue his career overseas. During his time overseas, he became interested in the French Arts, especially in the philosophy of anarchism. Overseas, he also studies in different institutes to learn more about the arts. He also lived through the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, but his paintings were destroyed in the war. He moved from place to place to find inspiration for his painting around Paris. After the Franco-Prussian War, Pissarro was influenced by his surroundings and created the Impressionist movement. Impressionism was a movement in the 1870s. Some of the well-known members of this movement are Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Camille Pissarro himself. They were all independent artists, although they will work in contemporaries sometimes.
In the Impressionist group, Pissarro wanted to concentrate on the life of the people in his painting, noting what they are doing during their life in the city. Pissarro, …show more content…

However, the Boulevard Montmartre arts that he created is better known than just one of the painting in his collection. The other art that he painted for the collection Boulevard Montmartre is : Boulevard Montmartre: Afternoon Sunlight 1897, Boulevard Montmartre: Afternoon Sun 1897, Boulevard Montmartre: Morning Cloudy Weather, 1897, Boulevard Montmartre: Afternoon in the Rain, Boulevard Montmartre: Foggy Morning, Boulevard Montmartre: Mardi-Gras, Boulevard Montmartre: Morning Gray Weather, Boulevard Montmartre: Morning Sunlight and Mist, Boulevard Montmartre: Spring, Boulevard Montmartre: Spring Rain, Boulevard Montmartre: Sunset, and Boulevard Montmartre: Night Effect. He tried to create what is outside his window at many different times of days, the different type of seasons and different type of

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