How Did Frederick Douglass Impact The Slave-Free World

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Fredrick Douglas was a leading American Abolitionist and anti-slavery activist; born a slave, Douglas freed himself when he was twenty years old. Being an activist from the early 1840’s until about 1890 when the Jim Crow Laws were coming to affect (Jim Crow being laws that forced racial segregation). He made waves and changed the lives of millions. In this paper I will discuss what era he lived in, just a few of the thousands of speeches he gave, journal entries he’s written, how he impacted the slave free world we know today and following with some criticism he got when doing such a brave act of giving many people hope. To start, Fredrick was born in February of 1818, dying around February of 1895. He spent six years in the cabin of his mother’s parents as a slave. Becoming more popular in 1824, which was due to his transportation to a wheat …show more content…

During his sail in August 1845, he gained a lot of respect, which allowed him to grow more confident and become self-reliant. His friends gradually raised enough money to buy his freedom from the Auld’s and allow his return home. Douglass owed taxes, which he paid off, allowing him to begin his own anti-slavery newspaper in the U.S. After accomplishing so much already, Douglass to made the move to Rochester in upstate New York, which was the center for reform activity. Every week he would publish a journal, North Star, which was for

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