How Did Gandhi Contribute To Peaceful Resistance

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Peaceful resistance doesn't always work but it has provided a lot of results on the side of the protesters. Civil disobedience is one of the best ways to protest against laws you find unjust as it makes the government angry since you aren't doing anything to spark a fight which is what they want so they can legally suppress you and your ideas. This worked especially well for Gandhi as he led a very famous peaceful protest against British rule inside of India with the salt march. This salt march led to the independence of India and the story of a great man.

Gandhi lead one of the most famous peaceful protests in the history of mankind. His Salt March led to the independence of India from British Rule. The heavy salt tax from the British is the reason this protest started …show more content…

The Salt March started when Gandhi left his ashram, or religious retreat, at Sabermanti with several dozen followers on a trek of 200 plus miles to Dandi. There, Gandhi and his supporters were to defy British policy by making salt from seawater. Along the way, Gandhi addressed large crowds, and each day an increasing number of people joined the cause. By the time they reached Dandi, Gandhi was at the head of a crowd of tens of thousands. He spoke and led prayers and early the next morning walked down to the sea to make salt. He had planned to work the salt flats on the beach, but the police had forestalled him by crushing the salt deposits into the mud. Nevertheless, Gandhi reached down and picked up a small lump of natural salt out of the mud and British law had been defied. Civil disobedience broke out all across India, soon involving millions of Indians, and British authorities arrested more than 60,000 people. Gandhi himself was arrested on May 5, but the satyagraha continued without him. In January 1931, Gandhi was released from prison. He later met with Lord Irwin, the viceroy of India, and agreed to call off the satyagraha in exchange for an

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