How Did Germany Enter Ww1

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The Serbs, who accepted all the demands of the ultimatum, with the exception of Article 6, knew what was coming their way. Soon, Austria broke all their ties with Serbia and ordered troop mobilization, following which they declared war on Serbia. In support of Serbia, the Russians also ordered partial mobilization of troops to counter any possible offensives from Germany, who entered the war due to their alliance to the Austrian Empire. In response to this Germany sent an ultimatum to France and Russia demanding the stoppage of mobilization and maintaining a neutral status in the conflict with Serbia. When this was refused, Germany also declared war and started its own mobilization against Russia. Meanwhile, France gave a very active-passive …show more content…

April 22nd 1915- The German Fire. The German military fire shells, filled with lethal chlorine gas at the Allied forces. This is the first time amounts of gas have been used in battle and it results in the French defences almost completely collapsing, albeit the Germans failed to take an advantage. May 7th 1915- A German submarine sinks the passenger liner Lusitania, which had 128 Americans aboard. September 18th 1915- The Germans limit submarines. In response to the international outrage over the sinking of the Lusitania, the Kaiser suspends unrestricted submarine warfare, in an effort to keep the United States out of war. Although, it severely hampers German efforts to prevent American supplies from reaching Britain. September 15th 1916- Britain deploys the first tanks ever used at Delville Wood. Although they have proven to be useful in cutting the barbed wire and making way for the enemy, they aren’t as decisive on the battlefield as their creators thought they would be. February 1st 1917- Germany resumes unrestricted submarine use in European water ways which more or less causes the US intervention in the

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