How Did Handel Impact Society

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Handel was a well known composer of operas, oratorios, and instrumentals. He was a very influential composer during the Baroque era, and he still has a major impact on society today. George Friedrich Handel was born in Halle, Germany, on February 23, 1685. He was a contemporary of Johann Sebastian Bach, although they never actually met. Handel longed to study music from an early age, however, his father refused to allow him, as he didn’t think it would be a very good source of income. Although his father forbade him even to own an instrument, his mother was supportive of his musical endeavours, and so Handel was able to practice playing music in secret with her help. As a young boy, he played the organ for the duke’s court in Weissenfels. There he met Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow, a famous composer and organist. Handel became his pupil, and under Zachow, Handel learned organ, violin, and oboe, by the time he was ten years of age. From ages eleven to sixteen, Handel composed music for small audiences at church. This didn’t draw much attention from anyone, and since then these pieces have most likely been lost. Handel studied law at the University of Halle, because his father insisted that he do so. However, this did not last long, as in 1703 he took a…show more content…
It was composed from August 22 of 1741- September 14 of that same year. There are mostly choir pieces in this work as well as some solo parts. The instruments it was composed for are as follows: two trumpets, two violins, two oboes, timpani, viola, and basso continuo. The text of the Messiah came from Charles Jennens, the Psalms in the Book of Common Prayer, and the King James Bible. It was first performed on April 13, 1743 in Dublin, and then performed in London approximately one year later. Since then it has been modified to fit different types of concerts and it is still performed
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