How Did Harriet Tubman Influence The Abolitionist Movement

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All of our great leaders had one thing in common. Leadership. All of our great leaders have a different approach. Leaders have to have great attitude, they have to know what they want, and they have to always be accepting of the truth. Being a leader doesn’t mean being a President or a Vice President, people like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass made a huge impact on the abolitionist movement, and they were fugitive slaves!

Leadership skills can be very hard to learn. You always have to have a positive attitude when leading someone else to do better. Whether it’s the country or a group of slaves you have to be encouraging to others to be the best they can. During the Civil War Harriet Tubman led groups of fugitive slaves to freedom. These journeys were trying and tough, but Harriet was always encouraging and inspiring to her the slaves. She had to stay positive even through the hard times. Harriet knew the consequences if they were to get caught, but she still led the groups to freedom. When I think of a great leader I think of Harriet Tubman, she was positive and encouraging to her fellow slaves even through the hard times. Frederick Douglass was also an encouraging character in the abolitionist movement. Douglass had hope that he would one day become free, and he fulfilled his dream. Frederick risked his life many times some including reading and writing during the day, and thinking of ways to escape slavery. After Douglass escaped he became involved in the government and became a great leader inside the government’s decision. …show more content…

Our leaders have to be encouraging and inspiring to the people. People like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass are what our leaders should strive to be today. These people always put others before themselves. That is what a great leader should act

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