How Did Huckleberry Finn's Friendship Develop

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In the 1800's it was not uncommon for people to think of African Americans slaves as pieces of

expose-able property and nothing more. Well this is not the case in the tale of Huckleberry Fin. Huck

and Jims friendship matures and expands until the point of Huck offering his own life up for Jim and

Jim for Huck’s. The laying down of a human life shows the ultimate price to pay for friendship. Jim

and Huck both take upon their own shoulders to do this for each other.

Huck was raised in Missouri along the Mississippi River where slavery was legal and very

common. Huck being a child of an abusive drunk father who beat him often was educated to the idea of

slavery and that it was normal and all right. …show more content…


Watson was prepared to sell Jim, this displays that slavery was common during this time period and

that African American were treated as objects and possessions just as Huck had been taught when

growing up.

Being a slave was awful but what was even worse was being sold to New Orleans. New Orleans

was one of the most well know ports for bring in slaves and the further and further you traveled down

south the worse the conditions got for the slaves got and their living years declined dramatically. When

Jim heard Miss Watson talk of selling him he promptly escaped and tried to make his way toward the

free states. On his way to the free states Jim crosses paths with Huck and this is where their friendship

beings to dawn. “How do you come to be here,Jim and how'd you get here”?(110 pg) This is when the

two of them meet and being their journey together.

Towards the beginning of their adventure Huck really doesn’t think of Jim as a friend but still as

piece of property just as he had been taught when growing up but as their adventure continues Huck

starts to have more and more affection. But in the beginning Huck would constantly play mean

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