How Did Martin Luther King Jr Commit Suicide

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Martin Luther King jr was born on January 15, 1923 in Atlanta, Georgia and died in Memphis, Tennessee.when Martin was a kid he was a paperboy and when he grew up he wanted to be a firefighter. There is a Martin Luther King jr day on January 15 when he was born. Martin Luther King jr was a civil rights activist.The African American and the American laws were called the Jim Crow laws. Martin Luther’s real name was Michael. At age 12 Martin tried to commit suicide. Despite Martin Luther King jr´s really good public speaking skills in college he got a c in public speaking. When martin luther king jr was in college he skipped his senior year. Martin luther also died on a balcony smoking. Martin luther King jr got into college at only age 15.Martin luther King jr almost died a decade earlier because martin was signing books for his new release Stride Toward Freedom when Izola Ware Curry said to Martin luther king jr i have been looking for you for 5 years then pulled a knife out of a envelope and stabbed him right in the …show more content…

It nearly took three full hours to get the knife out because the blade was right next to the aorta the doctor said if Martin Luther King jr would have sneezed the Knife would have went into his aorta and he would have drowned in his own blood.Martin luther king jr also had some very big quotes like “Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that” and another one that is “Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that” and the last one is “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments in comfort and convenience but where he stands at time of challenge and

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