How Did Moose Gordon Low Contribute To The Life Of Girl Scouts

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Juliette Gordon Low is one of the most significant figures in the history of the United States. Due to her contributions to the American Scouting movement, she is celebrated as the founder of Girl Scouts in the country. She was an ambitious leader who established the formal scouting for girls in the United States. Her contribution to the growth of the organization was inspired by the lessons she learned while in Europe and the need to guide girls to a better life. Drawing lessons from her experience in Europe, Juliette started what became a strong association that influenced the lives of girl scouts. The discussion about the life of Juliette will explore her biography, contributions and present her as a historical figure of great significance …show more content…

Her parents were William Washington Gordon II, and Eleanor Lytle Kinzie. Named after her grandmother, Juliette was the second born to the family of six children (Wadsworth, 2012). The father was a cotton broker in Savannah, while her mother was a writer. The family was a significant contributor to the founding of Chicago, especially her father who was working in the cotton industry (Cordery, 2012). This background gave Juliette a foundation to study and emerge as a disciplined child.
Despite the background, her father was involved in the confederate army during the Civil War in America. This affected her upbringing as she was largely brought up by her mother in the childhood life. At the same time, she had an unfortunate childhood, filled with accidents, injuries and illnesses (Corey, 2012). The most significant was having a brain fever shortly after the civil war ended. After the war, they settled in Savannah as their father was …show more content…

They later married and life took them to London where they leased a property. However, their marriage was marred by separation and went south due to the infertility of her husband. All the time she was lonely, she spent time perfecting her art of metalworking and woodworking (Corey, 2012). At this time, she spent time assisting the need and doing works of charity. After the death of her husband, she spent more time in charity work and learning her art in wood and metal.
It is during these charity works that she met Sir Robert Baden-Powell, one of the founders of the scouting movement. Baden-Powell influenced her life and inspired her to start the scouting movement for girls (Wadsworth, 2012). Together with Baden-Powell’s sister and friends, Juliette started girl guides near her home in Scotland where she had settled. She encouraged girls to be better by leading a self-sufficient life. She inspired girls to learn working and skills like livestock keeping and spinning

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