How Did Ponyboy Change Throughout The Outsiders

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During the story, The Outsiders Ponyboy’s identity changed throughout the story, from beginning to end. In the beginning of The Outsiders, Ponyboy was young and reckless. He didn’t think that he belonged in the gang. He liked movies they liked brawls. He liked books they liked cussing people out. He felt like an outsider when he was with them. “And nobody in our gang digs movies and books the way I do” (Hinton 2). He was not like any of the other gang members. He was the outsider and he knew it. He tried to fit in but he couldn’t because of how he liked completely different things. He wanted to be with his family and his friends but he wasn’t like them. He knew that he was different. Ponyboy was seemingly innocent but he found out how he

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