How Did Rockefeller Influence The Oil Industry

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Born in Richford, New York in 1839, John Davison Rockefeller was the second child of his parents and had five siblings. He did not have an easy and wealthy childhood as his father was a part-time salesman and a full-time philanderer. Therefore, his mother always struggled hard for their livelihood and her first son had to stay away from his family to make more money for lengthy periods. Young Rockefeller helped with the general household chores and also earned extra income by raising turkeys and selling potatoes and candy. People described the young Rockefeller as a well-mannered, earnest and studious boy. As time passed, Rockefeller moved to Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of fourteen with his family. Enthusiastic and diligent, he embarked on a number of small-business …show more content…

By the early 20th century, millions of Americans were engaged in oil-related industries; this increased employment. Rockefeller saw the vast potential of the industry, as he described: “We saw the vast possibilities of the oil industry, stood at the center of it, and brought our knowledge and imagination and business experience to bear in a dozen, in twenty, in thirty directions.” Much of Rockefeller’s whole life was characterized by various business-related controversies for his aggressive expanding desire but by the later parts of his life he became to be remembered as a philanthropist for his charitable efforts. The overall image of Rockefeller had varied significantly depending on who he was viewed, for example, his ex-competitors, politicians and critical biographizes. Over his past days of his life merits the title of the “Wealthiest person known in recent history” also, according to the percentage of the United States’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It is believed that no other wealthier people of America including Bill Gates or Sam Walton would have come close to that of

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