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Steven Grover Cleveland was born in Caldwell, New Jersey on March 18,1837. Grover Cleveland’s family consisted of his 5 sisters and 3 brothers. He stopped using his first name because he thought Grover sounded more important than Steven. Grover’s father was a minister and taught him religious studies. While information on his mom was not listed. When Grover was only 4 years old his family moved from New Jersey to Fayetteville, New York. Grover wasn’t just a boring boy he pulled a prank where he had pulled his neighbors front gates off and left. Grover attended Fayetteville Academy but never made it to college. He sadly dropped out of school to take a job at a general store to earn $50 a year. With that money he used it to help his family …show more content…

Grover Cleveland’s uncle lived in Buffalo and helped Grover get a job as a helper in a law office. Grover learned so much while helping in the law office that he decided to go take the law exam (In the 1800s you didn’t need to go to college to take the law exam). He passed! In 1870, Grover was elected Erie County sheriff. After his service with sheriff he decided to go back to being a lawyer. He did so good at being a lawyer he was asked to run for mayor of Buffalo. Grover belonged to the democratic political party. Grover did a lot for the city of buffalo. He knew that the city’s government was full of bad politicians and he did what he could to change it. Grover ran for president in 1884. He went up against James G. Blaine and won. This all happened in a course of 3 years. Grover married his wife, Frances Folsom Grover in 1886.Grover was 27 years older than her. While Grover was in office he changed a lot of things for America by breaking the record of 414 vetoed bills meaning he basically said no to them. One of the vetoed bills was to give money to help Civil war veterans. He said no to that because he found out that they were making up stories to get the money. When his round was still in run the one and only Statue of Liberty was given to the us by the people of France. While unveiling the statue he gave a speech

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