How Did Slavery Change America

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From 1600 through 1800 the new world experienced a time period in which America does not like to remember. During this time slavery grew and transformed to something we've never seen before. Atlantic slave trade changed the lives of millions of Africans, ripping them from their home like rag dolls and bringing them to a strange foreign land they would call home and being forced to work as slaves, in hot, miserable conditions with little food, and water as a result the lives of Africans would never be same and the Atlantic slave trade would wet the pallet for slavery throughout America's History. In the new found land named the Americas, Europeans were colonizing and were taking the land from the Natives and using it for themselves to …show more content…

First they were ripped from their home and families and would most likely never see there families again then thrown on a ship like trash over to the Americas to work. The boat ride over was treacherous, while to see the water and waves crashing against the boat making it rock back and forth over open sea making the ride so sickening and nauseating. To make it worse the merchants on board would abuse them by wiping them with whips. Disease spread like wildfire in the ship because everyone lived in such close corners with one another there was no space to go and have time to yourself, and it was a long boat ride over. If you did not survive the boat ride it really did matter to the merchants and to the people running the slave trade your life was worth nothing and your life was cheap in money so they just could go and get more slaves to take your spot. Some slaves on there way over would even commit suicide so they would not have to endure what was coming next. When you got to the land you would go directly to auctions were slaves would be bought and sold and then you were off to work. The work you may have done was either working as a domestic slave in which you would help run the household, cook, clean, take care of the children and basically do what you owner tells you to do. You may have worked in the fields on a farm or on a plantation where you would work in the beating hot sun especially in the

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