How Did The Battle Of Midway Go On The Offensive In The Pacific Theater

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Jeffrey Burkhart Mrs. Shandera / Mr.Pelletier English 11 pd.2 / History pd.6 9 February 2018 Battle of Midway The Battle of Midway allowed the United States to go on the offensive in the pacific theater. The battle started on June 4, 1942 and lasted until June 7, 1942 ("Battle of Midway"). The battle changed the whole course of the pacific theater. It showed how much the technology was advancing, starting with the United States deciphering the Japanese code. Then the United States, ultimately ending the war with the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Battle of Midway was the turning point in the war. The battle of Midway was started for multiple reasons.. The battle was started by General Yamamoto, Yamamoto’s plan was to draw out the United States navy and capture the island. The island of Midway Atoll was a small island in the Pacific. The United States had an airfield on the island.This was the last Pacific defense for the United States. Six months prior to the battle. General Yamamoto lead another attack on the United States which was Pearl Harbor ("Battle of Midway"). Pearl harbor was a successful attack for the Japanese. They crippled the …show more content…

They were able to catch the message in time to allow the United States get ships around and ready to fight. If they wouldn't have caught the code the United States would have lost it’s whole navy or even worse been invaded. The codebreaker was Joe Rochfort ("The 'Codebreaker'"). Admiral Nimitz took many chances during the Battle of Midway. His biggest chance was to trust Joe Rochefort the codebreaker. Code Breaking during WWII was very difficult. They made encrypted code by using a Enigma machine. A letter would match up to a number and the number would go down on the paper. To crack the code they would have to match the number to the letter. Codebreaking wasn’t just for the men either. There were women breaking codes

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