How Did The Black Death Affect Society

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The Black Death occurred naturally in history. Most Europeans lived in small settlements or villages. The populations was about one hundred in each village. These villages were spread out about twenty miles apart. These villages were small and were cramped into even smaller areas. The sanitation and transportation services were limited and lacked in quality. These civilizations had little to no privacy because people were crammed into such small areas. The surrounding landscape included fields and pastures. The Black Death was so fatal due to the fact that people were living in such close spaces (Gottfried pg. 1-2). Many peasants died from the disease, probably from their poor diets and lack of nourishment. Workers were in high demand and the peasants knew it. At this time, most pandemics were deadly since there was no medicine or technology. The Black Death was not the only pandemic going around Europe, other diseases include syphilis and gonorrhea.
Some people did not understand why and how people they loved were dying, so they thought it was God punishing them for disobeying him. People believed that He was punishing them for greed, blasphemy, …show more content…

“Before the Black Death, hospitals were institutions designed primarily to isolate, rather than cure the sick. They were removed from the mainstream of society so that they would not infect or offend the healthy,”(Gottfried 120). “When a sick person entered a hospital, he was treated as if he were dead. His property was disposed of and , in many regions, a quasi- requiem mass was said for his soul; certainly no one expected to see the poor wretch again,”(Gottfried 120). “Most post-plague hospitals were divided into wards- some for those with broken bones, others for different types of degenerative diseases, and still others for those with infectious diseases,”(Gottfried 121). Before the Black Death swept over Europe, doctors were

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