How Did The Stock Market Crash Of 1929 Dbq

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The 1920’s were a glory time for the United States.. The stock market was growing and they were being sold for double price . People invested a lot of money in stock market and many of them began to take margate. When the stock market began to grow, more small investors entered the game and were gambling their money. Technology was on the top of every sale. Based on the graph in Document 1, in 1928 the stock market reached its highest point. However, the glory didn’t last long.The stock market had a small crash in 1929 were prices began to drop. In October 24, 1929 ( Black Tuesday) was called “the beginning of the end”. In October 29, 1929 the stock market crashed and Investments lost billion of dollars. In addition, the stock marked crash …show more content…

Jim Crow laws were racial segregation, and black schools were poorly funded. The segregation laws did not exist in the North. Factory owners looked south and offered good paying jobs and low-cost houses. Many African -Americans decided to move to North and start a new life. According to Document 2 “ I am fed up with Jim Crows Laws, people who are cruel and afraid, who lunch and run, who are scared of me , and I of them. I pick up my life and take it away with a one-way ticket gone up North , gob out West, gone.”, the narrator was an African -American who lived in the South during the time of server racism. He wanted to move away from the South, away from Jim Crows Laws, and create a new life in North. Many other African Americans decided to follow the same path as the narrator , a one-way ticket path. They moved to Chicago, New York and Detroit. The racial population of major Northern cities changed dramatically. The Harlem neighborhood in New York City became home to more than 200,000 African-American migrants by the 1920s. During World War I, the population of African-Americans in Chicago increased by 150% and in Philadelphia by 500 percent. In 1920’s , an artistic and intellectual movement known as the Harlem Renaissance was created in

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