How Do We Progress Further Into Chapter 6 Of The Great Gatsby

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Blog Chapters 4-6

As we progress further into the book; F. Scott Fitzgerald significantly furthers the development of one of our main characters, Gatsby. Questions throughout the first couple chapters surround Gatsby's true background. A German spy, war veteran, cousin of a Duke or other foreign hierarchy, a man that has shot someone before and an Oxford man (that Gatsby says he is although Nick has his doubt). These are all rumors that surround Gatsby and all those who wonder about the mysterious man's past. It isn't until chapter 6 that we can really put these rumors to rest. Gatsby was born, named Jay Gatz on in North Dakota (born on a farm). We find out that Gatsby is no Oxford graduate, but actually dropped out of St. Olaf's after two weeks of having to, with the …show more content…

One day his fate was set to change. As a storm was coming Jay went out to warn a yacht that was owned by a Dan Cody. Dan took a liking to Gatsby and took him on board, basically as a first mate. It was on board that Gatz took on the name of Jay Gatsby. The whole aspect of comfort and luxury caused Gatsby to fall in love with wealth. We also find out that Cody is the reason that Gatsby himself, doesn't drink much as Dan was commonly polluted (drunk) and as Gatsby was in charge of looking out for him during his drinking endeavors, he was alert of the consequence and convinced him not to turn out the same way. A little while later Dan died and left $25,000 for Gatsby although his mistress through court and some extent of the law. I believe the key point to giving all of this detail to the reader, is for the following: Gatsby from then on begins his journey to wealth and fortune, he is clearly quite motivated. It is my belief that Fitzgerald put this in the book for more than just a description but really as a model of the 1920's, the roaring 20's were a huge booming period and it was an opportunistic period for anyone. Even a simple man such a Jay Gatz could become the glorious and

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