How Does Dimmesdale Change Throughout The Scarlet Letter

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Within the “Scarlet Letter”, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses Dimsdale to show how hiding a sin can destroy a person's life . Dimmesdale's character developed dramatically through the 7 year time period. His character traits such as religion pruty, respect ,changes ,and tragic hero transforms throughout the story . Primarily, Dimmesdale’s religion is a main component in his life .He is a minister which automatically grants him to heaven. The fear he has with god keeps him a well grounded person. “the magistrates are god fearing gentlemen ,but merciful church (Hawthorn p 49” Dimmesdale is an extremely religions man which makes committing a sin a suspenseful shocker. His job as a minister is to teach and encourage people to do good things in the eyes of god . He is an interpreter of the bible , DImmesdale's sin causes him to be a sinful man . “ the puritan of him which the devil claimed, and through he lost the win the rest (Hawthorne 19) . His religion is being weakened by the guilt of his secret sin. He how is losing his fear for god and letting the the devil encourage his life. the longer he hide the si the more wicked he become. The once god fearing dimmesdale is now a sinner. …show more content…

His life was cleansed of sin due to his spared virginity. dimsdale was once a generous pure man before he committed such a hurtful sin. he was looked up to because he was one individual who possessed purty . “ dimedale half frozen to death ,over whelmed with shame and standing where hester prynne had stood.(hawthorn p,) “DImmesdale is now a hypocrite for doing the same things he judged others for doing He stood in the same spot hester prynne stood for committing a sin with hm. He wanted to feel he was paying for his sins because he knows what he is doing is a very hateful thing. ironically a minister is standing on the scaffold of

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