How Does Elie Wiesel Change

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“Identity can change for a person over the course of their life. Certain events can change a person a person for the better or the worse,” This cause to happen from a boy name Elie Wiesel from the book called Night by Elie Wiesel, Memoir. It cause from Elie changing his life to him being a religious and studios boy to him stop believing in god. Over the course of Night, Elie’s identity has changed tremendously. Elie went from being a studios boy who was very religious to a kid who started to die from the inside and thinking about nothing. In the beginning of the book Night, before Elie and his family had been put into the ghettos, he was a very religious and studious Jewish boy, all he wanted to do was learn his religion called Kabbalah. Elie was a very studious boy. He really wants to study about his religion since he doesn’t have many other things to do.For example, In the book Night, it states, “... and deeply observant.” on page 3. This quote tells us that …show more content…

In conclusion, this is the reason why I think Elie Wiesel did change by the things that was happening to him at the camp. He wasn’t able to maintain his true self and keeping his belief because of all the stuff that he see. Elie change from him being very religious and studious to him just being empty from the inside. For example, First all wanted to do was learn his religion before he went to the camp. Then, when they went to the camp, he starts to see all the things that 's happening. He starts to ask himself questions of why this is happening to him and that if there’s even a God that exist in this world. Lastly, his Father dies from the weather, and he couldn’t even cry because Elie was so empty inside. Also, he gets an infection and went straight to the hospital, but he notice when he looked himself that he wasn’t the same person anymore. There was nothing in his mind but remember what he looked like. So, this is the reason why I think Elie change from the beginning to the end of the book called

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