How Does Epigenetic Affect The Future

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Tuan Nguyen
Epigenetic has been something that been receiving a lot of attention and for good reason as it challenge the way people think about the past, themselves, and the future. This paper will explore topics including what is epigenetic, how it relate to evolution, and what impact will epigenetic have in the future. To explore more about epigenetic one has to know what it is. Basically epigenetic is your gene turning on and off without changing the gene sequence itself. “If you consider a DNA sequence as the text of an instruction manual that explains how to make a human body, epigenetics is as if someone’s taken a pack of highlighters and used different colours to markup different parts of the text in different ways. For example, someone might use a pink highlighter to mark parts of the text that need to be read the most carefully, and a blue highlighter to mark parts that aren’t as important”(1). There are many factors that can turn a certain gene on or off, some of them are things such as the environment around you and your lifestyle. For example if you live a sedentary lifestyle that is filled with unhealthy food, the heart disease gene in your body might be turn on. However if you were to live a more active style while at the same time being mindful …show more content…

Epigenetic is essentially genes being turn on or off without altering the gene sequence, there are many stimulus that can affect gene expression which can include environment and lifestyle choice. Epigenetic may have had a role in shaping who we are as human by turning on or off various genes in our ancient ancestor which could have shape their survival and eventually us. Lastly epigenetic has an significant role in the future as it can be used to cure diseases that many people are burden with such as heart disease, autism, and

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