How Does Globalization Caused The Erosion Of Family Values

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Globalization has caused the erosion of family values which has had negative repercussions on the society and its people.

The Key Terms

Globalization has been defined as a web of socio-economic networks, in which a world wide production system locates demand, supply and service centres in the most profitable parts of the world, regardless of the national boundaries. However, these networks not only challenge the socio-economic foundations on which the social organization of the state stands, but also creates new mode of development known as ‘informationalism’. This term refers to the restructuring of production based on capitalistic gains. It also refers to the formation of a weightless economy, or in other words a knowledge based economy, whereby knowledge is not only the main product but also the main input for production.

Hence in essence, globalization has conservatively shrunk into a process that is predominantly dictated by corporatization, commercialization and commodification of the world with a clear objective to support and promote capitalism.

Family Values
The strongest institution of the Singapore society has always been its fundamental social unit – the family that comes together through another institution, marriage, and grows and multiplies through its traditional, ethnic, religious values and norms, which for the purpose of this report have been categorized under the broad term ‘family values’.

The Causes

How has

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