How Does Homer Use Epic Similes In The Odyssey

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Homer’s The Odyssey is one of the oldest works of Western literature, second only to Homer’s Iliad. It’s influence on Western culture ranges from the characters and story, to his innovative writing style, characterized by his use of literary devices. Though Homer uses many literary devices in his telling of The Odyssey, epic similes are one of the most vital part of the storytelling. They allow the reader to envision the scene in a different way, comparing it to descriptions that can be vividly imagined in the head. Homer’s epic similes are similar to the traditional simile in the way that they are a method of comparison using “like” or “as”, but Homer also uses the word “so” to bring the focus back to the original scene, which is unlike a traditional simile. However, Homer elaborates more on the comparison than he does the …show more content…

Instead of using a simple simile to suggest the feelings of Penelope and Odysseus and have somewhat of an understanding by the reader, Homer used an epic simile to show exactly how the two felt, in a way that could clearly be understood by the reader, thus enhancing the understanding of the text. Penelope and Odysseus have been apart for too many years, and they have both gone through a lot of suffering, Odysseus on his journey, and Penelope trying to fend off the suitors at home. When they are together again, the love and joy that they feel for one another surpasses any of the feelings of hardship that the two went through, and Homer accurately conveys that through his epic simile. The extension to the simile enforces what the reader already knows, but also invokes a feeling in the reader as well, which would not have been done with a traditional

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