How Does Huckleberry Finn Relate To Modern Day

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The novel of, The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain is a famous novel about a boy named Huck Finn and his adventures. There 's a great amount of unique quotes in the novel and one of them is, “ Each person had their own nigger to wait them-Buck too. My nigger had a monstrous easy time, because I weren 't used to having anybody do anything for me, but Buck’s was on the jump most of the time” ( page 109). This quote shows something about Huck 's character, which is by the way, different from everybody else’s at that time. This quote also shows some things about history, which is the slavery of course. This quote could relate to modern days due to Huck 's character. Since there is no more slavery now days, it 's kind of odd to have someone do something for someone at all time. Throughout this essay, the quote stated above will explain, Huck’s character, how it relates to the time in which it took place in, and lastly, how Huck’s reactions to having a slave relates to most people in modern days. …show more content…

Towards the end, Huck is the boy who helped a slave get his freedom and his rights, If there were to be another boy in Huck’s place, he would’ve loved having a slave do all his work for him. Huck on the other hand is very uncomfortable having a slave do his work for him, because he is not used to it and rather do everything himself. Although Huck hold on to the aspect of racism, he still has more respect for blacks than others at the time being. Huck’s has been raised in a place and time, where slavery and difference between men was normal. In the beginning of the novel, Huck didn’t respect black people and didn’t care about them either. But towards the end, he was the same boy who helped a slave get his freedom and

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