How Does John Locke's Influence On Society

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Throughout history we’ve seen society evolve, taking many shapes and forms, governments and anarchies; an evolution fueled by ever changing ideas and philosophies. It is possible that we have already visited the ideal philosophies at some point in history. John Locke believed in a government where the individual matters, and this way of thinking has remained true today. The individual has become the one that determines how society is run. Over time, the shift from monarchy to democracy as the primary way of governance has caused man to become more individual and in turn, be the main influence of society. Much of society is dictated by nature, not the government. The illusion of government control is just the political system adapting to conditions that can’t be altered. For example, human nature is a governing force that influences how members of a society interact. Whether the human is a social creature changes quite a bit depending on the way a society needs to be run. John Locke believes that humans are social beings that will communicate with each other to solve minor problems. His view, which has become the current view of society has eclipsed that of the old view of the government having complete control over the people. …show more content…

Locke believes that since Man is capable of interacting, an individual can express to another individual that he feels wronged by him. Throughout history, this has been occurring, building off the base for right and wrong that is the Ten Commandments, which leads to the present standards for morality. This is the way natural law works according to Locke. He believes humans have an intrinsic understanding between right and wrong. Whether they act in accordance with this understanding is not guaranteed, and this is when the state

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