How Does John Proctor Tell The Truth In The Crucible

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In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, A strange phenomenon takes place in the town of Salem Massachusetts. Innocent people were killed because they were accused of being a witch. A man by the name of John Proctor gets thrown in to this event when his wife Elizabeth is accused of witchcraft. Salem was a very small and quiet New England town, this of course didn’t last very long. In the commencement of the play, John and his relationship with Elizabeth was stale and unhealthy. They had unrealing issues and Elizabeth was not ready to bring them up. While this was going on the witch trials were just starting to begin. The tension between the couple was because of another villager named Abigail. Elizabeth speaks about Abigail saying, “John with so many in jail, more than Cheever’s help is needed now, I think. Would you favor me with this? Go to Abigail” (Miller 61). Elizabeth is saying …show more content…

To prove that the girls are lying and that Abigail is not telling the truth about Elizabeth they call Elizabeth to the stand to see if she tells the truth. Danforth forces Elizabeth to look her right in the eyes instead of John when they question her. They ask if her if John ever turned from her, her answer was, “...Has Proctor ever committed the crime of lechery?.....(Elizabeth)..No, sir” (Miller 113). Danforth knew right away it was a lie for John had already confess to the crime of lechery. This makes John and his entire group look like fools for trying to call Abigail and her group liers. Danforth had no empathy for the Proctors and sends them both to jail. The fact that Elizabeth tried to lie for John in court presented that she still cared for him. Towards the end of they play we find out that Elizabeth is pregnant while she is in jail and it is a reason for her to live another year. John is also let out

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