How Does Lee Use Injustice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Lee uses discrimination and injustice to tell us readers that you shouldn 't judge others by the way they live life or their actions because you can always be wrong. In the story many people are being discriminated because of their race , gender and even age. During the book we have many examples of discrimination especially in the case with Tom Robinson. We have many examples of how many people used to and still discriminate African Americans.

In Mayella Ewell’s case we see many examples of discrimination because Bob Ewell made up a whole story that Tom Robinson raped when it clearly wasn’t true. She went along with the story because her dad saw her asking a black man to kiss her. When she came back inside her dad beat her and even threaten to kill her and that 's when her dad made her go along with the story of Tom Robinson raping her. It was because of her reputation; if Tom
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It’s one of the most terrible stories in history. Time for arithmetic, children.” because Miss Gates is telling Cecil that Jews were taken out of their country because of their beliefs this wasn 't justice because they didn’t do anything bad to get kicked out of there home . She is basically being hypocritical by saying that it was wrong a thing but she thinks it 's okay to discriminate african americans. When Mayela makes up the story of her being raped by Tom Robinson. white people seem are more respected just because of their skin color and they have a better reputation than blacks and we know that because that 's one of the reason Bob Ewell made up the story of
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