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Body! Me, You, Them. Does media have an influence on body image? Millions of people, men and women all around the world have a secret obsession. The general population suffers from trying to impress other people and themselves with body image. They are obsessed with how they look, who wouldn’t want a flatter stomach? Men and women worry, that their thighs are too flabby, their breast/chest are too small, their arms are too scrawny, their face is too chubby, their body build is too small, any body part can become the focus of this obsession. Most of these insecurities are prodigies of media: television, magazines, dolls, action figures and so forth. Which is terrible, men and women in general are degraded for their amoral and asinine to the …show more content…

We need to look this way because someone said so or we need to look this way because society likes this picture a lot. I’ve always heard that image is everything, we need to always be presentable. Fielding says that, “image after image offers the perfect body, flawless skin, bright smile, and a carefully sculpted ration of gaps to curves. Newsflash, its called editing and filters. The whole point of media and seeing photos is to give off this fake sense of reality, to let society see what we want and allow them to see. “Most cameras in smart phones have built-in filters and a range of effects that can be used to enhance even the most embarrassing selfies” (Rox). Filters and editing have become more of a need that a want, people based their looks and angles from what they can alter to get the ‘perfect’ photo for the world to see. This is not healthy because the more alterations to the photo they see, will become a false sense of reality in the head, which can lead to health concerns for any person. According to Rox, people using social media sites also tend to cultivate a persona and even friends and a peer group. As much as we want to make friends or be notices is changing yourself, your mindset, or your health worth

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