Essay On Destroying America's Body Image

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“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”, once said Marilyn Monroe who took us to the time where you had likely loved your body and valued the numerous things it could do. In any case, on your way to adulthood, suspicious and insecurities may have slinked in. Rather than appreciating your own body qualifications and capabilities, you launch into lashing its looks. In a society where the perfect woman must have the most attractive, sexier and exemplary body and appearance, you may feel unqualified. Taking a head from this, the article “Is Photoshop Destroying America’s Body Image?” by the psychologist Vivian Diller, the ideas concerning body image, its effect on the youth and the children of today and their preoccupation of looking good are detailed with countless examples that support one justified point of view. Photoshop, digital alteration, image manipulation subconsciously have a …show more content…

For example, many plus sized models are receiving a lot of attention nowadays. However, the fact that they’re labeled as plus sized doesn’t need a national fury in media outlets. It is only a label, typed in the aim of describing and categorizing. We cannot allow every little thing to become a point of sensitive anger. Here, I hardly disagreed with the intention of Diller’s work. However, even though Photoshopped images are a form of deception at the end of the day, it is not anyone’s place to dictate the methods through which magazines, newspapers, celebrities and networks choose to represent body image. Thus, Disagreeing with Diller’s proposition of banning any edited images is a major point: If Kate Winslet chose for her picture to remain natural, that’s her choice and if Kim Kardashian chose to alter her curves in a picture, then good for her as well. The solution lies in knowing how to raise our children, directing them right and emphasizing how body image is not the most important thing in the

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