How Does Mrs Pratchett Dislike

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I have picked Mrs. Pratchett to write this about. Mrs. Pratchett works at a Sweet Shop and is clearly disliked by Roald Duhl and his friends. In my opinion, they had a right to dislike the lady. Victim to four eight-year-olds' prank, Mrs. Pratchett took much action in the aftermath. The next day after flipping the sign on the door to the sign that said ‘CLOSED’, she went to the boys’ school to peg out which one’s had been a part of this mouse joke. After going through them, she finally was able to peg out the perpetrators. First of all, she had spoken cruelly to the kids. If she had been a bit kinder to them, they probably had been nicer to her and Roald would not have thought of the Mouse Plot. What comes around goes around, even with kids
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