How Does Ralph Use Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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Which is stronger, hope or fear? Fear keeps you alive it tells you when to run. If you go for a walk and there is a man chasing you, would you run or keep walking and just hope that he leaves you alone? With hope you will always find times when you are overcome by fear. It is the hope of change that allows you to conquer the fear. In the Lord of the Flies human nature is exposed throughout this book. In the book there are two groups. Jack is the leader of the hunters and he uses fear as a way to control children on the island. Ralph uses hope to control the children in his group and tells them that they need to make a fire to be saved and to be civilized. Hope and fear affect people's nature and determine if they are bad or good. If you have hope, you won’t become a savage. If you let your fear take over then savagery will as well . There are several reasons why this is true, fear causes you not …show more content…

Ralph stood up for Piggy and wasn’t afraid of Jack like the other boys. Ralph gets into a fight with Jack and says this to Jack, “You're a beast and a swine and a bloody, bloody thief!” (187) He still uses words that are used in a civilization to describe people who break the law. This shows that he hasn’t given hope of staying civilized. Ralph also knew what they did was murder when they killed Simon and recognized what people were doing was wrong. So when you have a lot of hope you can find a way to overcome the fear but when you just have a little hope, fear takes over and all your mind has nothing fight it and you are just taken over by it. The kids were too afraid of Jack to speak up and tell him what he was doing was wrong. Ralph was the only survivor of the savagery because he never gave up on hope and fought the fear. So I believe hope is stronger than fear because Ralph was the one who had a lot of it and he didn’t become a savage like the other boys who were all terrified of the

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