How Does Scrooge Change In Christmas Carol

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In the story Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge, one of the most hardened, bitter, and unpleasant man that excluded himself from his community, goes through a major redemption. At the beginning of the story, Scrooge was presented as a very greedy and selfish man, telling his nephew Fred that Christmas is a “time for paying bills without money”. Scrooge expects his clerk to work on the Christmas day, and got extremely mad for letting him have a day off, still paying him the day’s wage. Scrooge also has a very rude and cruel personality. He calls other people “fool” and “idiot”, and his behavior is so unfixable that Fred tells him he is so “sorry with all his heart to find him so determined”. Scrooge does not want to help the poors and those who suffer from the cold, asking a visitor if there are no …show more content…

He also thinks if many people would rather die than go to jail or the workhouse, “they should better do it and decrease the surplus population”. In the middle of the story, Scrooge’s behavior and thoughts start to change. Scrooge was visited by Marley, his partner in the past who died exactly seven years ago. Scrooge was told that he would be haunted by the three spirits. And as expected, Scrooge was haunted by the three spirits. The first spirit was the ghost of Christmas past. The spirit let Scrooge see himself as a little boy at school. He saw his past, and felt the feelings he felt before that he never feels now. He felt pity, love, but most importantly, he learned that money wasn’t what made the best, but it was the happiness that made the best.

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