How Does Scrooge Change In The Christmas Carol

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Characters play an important role in the meaning of a novel. A person’s transformation can lead to a positive or negative change in personality or thinking. In The Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens, the visits from the three spirits causes Scrooge to transform emotionally and psychologically into an improved person. Firstly, Dickens shows that Scrooge only believed in matter and nothing spiritual in his life. His life revolved around money and taking care of himself. He was a mean, insensitive, and selfish person at the beginning of the novel. For example, Scrooge questions whether to give one of his workers a day off for Christmas. This shows that holidays or taking a break from work is not acceptable since he follows a strict everyday…show more content…
Once the third ghost appears Scrooge undergoes self realization to not have a destiny, like Marley. For example, Scrooge pleaded to the Ghost of Christmas Present, “...conduct me where you will. I went forth last night on compulsion, and I learnt a lesson which is working now’ ’’(33). He wants to learn to gain empathy, compassion and generosity by the third visit to not face any consequences after his death. During the first visit from a spirit Scrooge could not bare watching the past occur again. That drastically changed by the second visit since he was willingly and encouraging the ghost to help in understand his sins. The spirits explain the importance of redemption that would be given if Scrooge transforms as a person. He definitely realizes his horrible past self and decides to change to not suffer in his afterlife. For example, he runs into a poor boy and chooses to give him money, but in the beginning he could not make a considerate action for the poor. In addition, he even delivers a turkey to the Bob Crachit’s family at Christmas, whom he did not want to give a day off for the holiday at the beginning. Scrooge does turn into a different person that has generosity and maintains a better
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