How Does Scrooge Change Throughout A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a great depiction of the American Dream, even though it is a British written novel . Dickens’s story consists with the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, who is a prime example of the rags to riches theory. He started out in a poor orphanage and through hard work, Scrooge worked his way into being a wealthy man. Ebenezer is a wealthy banker in London who is seen by many as grumpy and selfish. We see Scrooge’s transformation from greedy to generous which creates many feel good moments for the reader along the way. Scrooge is visited by four Christmas ghosts who try to show him the meaning of Christmas spirit and warn him that if he does not change he will die a lonely hated man. Scrooge changes drastically throughout the book and provides a great learning example to people everywhere who read Dickens’s novel. Charles Dickens’s novel A Christmas Carol creates many heartwarming moments for the reader, and provides …show more content…

He also goes into too much detail when describing certain events and characters. This makes it hard to follow for some readers, but Dickens’s message throughout the novel holds true. Dickens uses Scrooge in this novel as a symbol of greed and lust. He uses Christmas time, and other characters as examples of the good in the world. Throughout this novel Scrooge or greed is constantly reminded of the good throughout the world by various characters. There is a constant battle between the ideas of goodwill and greed. Eventually Scrooge or greed is overpowered by goodwill which creates a feel good moment for the reader. This is very similar to the modern day American Culture because of how economic classes are distributed in the United States. The top 1% of our population controls the wealth of this country causing tension socioeconomic classes. This is depicted in the novel through Scrooge’s interactions with the lower

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