How Does Scrooge Change In Christmas Carol

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“I will honour christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.”-scrooge. In the play a Christmas Carol the main character Ebenezer Scrooge has had some life changing events when he learned to loved christmas again. He changed from a grouchie, mean and unsociable old man to a nice loving kind geyser. Let me share with you how Scrooge has changed from these three things.
The first topic we are going to start on is how Scrooge became less mean and more kind. My first reason for this is that he started treating others nicely. Since Ebenezer Scrooge’s business partner Jacob marley died he started pushing everyone away. Like when his nephew tried to help Scrooge by inviting them to his meal. But Scrooge pushed him away and continued to work. When he became nice again he started to come to his nephews meals and …show more content…

My first reason for that is that Scrooge became talkative. My evidence for that is after when the spirits visited him he couldn't contain himself talking about his wonderful life lesson. Some other examples are that he would run around the town saying ‘Merry Christmas” and ‘Happy new year.” my second reason is that Scrooge was less interruptive when he talked to people. When he was talking to his nephew Scrooge was let his nephew he let him talk and was polite. Some other people he let talk was Cratchit and Tiny Tim. My last reason that Scrooge became sociable is that he said “Bah humbug” not as much as he used to. At the end of the play Scrooge tried not to say “Bah humbug” to his nephew. Other people he did not say “bah humbug” to any more is Cratchit and the citizens. In summary after scrooge got visited by the three spirits he became a very sociable man. In these last few paragraphs I explained how scrooge changed from an old, grouchie, mean, unsociable man to a kind sociable lovable old geaser. Do you think someone mean can have a change of hart in one

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