Examples Of Scrooge In The Christmas Carol

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In the play, “The Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge was very rude throughout ¾ of the story. Towards the end he brightened up for once and was very nice surprisingly. Everyone saw him as an ungrateful and grumpy man who had no Christmas spirit whatsoever. Everyone else was up to the spirit and so excited and he always was rude and miserable and made it roll off of some others. Like said in the play several times by Scrooge, “Bah humbug” and his own nephew told him not to be cross and his reply back was, “What else can I be?...” which is an example showing how rude he is to even his own family. One last example was that he also said to his nephew, “I’d rather see myself dead than with your family” which is also insulting
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