How Does Shakespeare Use Forgiveness In The Tempest

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The Tempest, a play written by the man himself William Shakespeare, demonstrates how forgiveness can set us free. Once you get over yourself and this goddamn play, you feel free. The character Prospero said, “The rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance” (5.1.27-28). This line allows us readers to take a moment and fully examine this pivotal moment in the play. Prospero allows us readers to discover what forgiveness really means. We see that forgiveness actually what someone does to express love by surpassing all the wrongs one has done against another.

The lines; “the rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance“ are pivotal to the text, because the outcome of Prospero’s decision determines how the play concludes. There are many subtle hints in the text which could suggest why Prospero makes the decision that he does. First, we …show more content…

'The Tempest ' was Shakespeare 's last completed play, which is most likely the reason for the character of Prospero who shares several of Shakespeare 's qualities but on different levels. At the end of 'The Tempest ', Prospero is an old man, which may have softened him, which is why we may think that he chooses forgiveness; as it is an easier route than vengeance. I believe that it is in fact, the voice of Shakespeare that comes across, disguised by Prospero where Prospero opts for forgiveness. Prospero recognises that he has the chance to cleanse society when given the opportunity for revenge, but he chooses not to act on it, as he recognises that he is also part of the tarnished society. Instead of cleansing society, he almost withdraws himself from it, as Shakespeare did in the literary world. Prospero stopped using his "art" just as Shakespeare stopped his writing, which is his art. At the end of the play Prospero is able to forgive and move on where "every third thought shall be my grave", and Shakespeare stops writing and by doing so preserves his magic in his

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