How Does Shakespeare Use Power In Macbeth

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Shakespeare’s Macbeth revolves around the idea of power as it is the main theme. Power is constantly used and abused by characters who have much confidence and want to uphold certain titles and reputations. Shakespeare’s Macbeth shows that characters are willing to use their power for worse to gain respect and control of others. Manipulation and corruption are the ways power is used and abused constantly throughout the play Macbeth.

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the power within characters is used to manipulate other characters to ensure desires are attained. Lady Macbeth is a character who most certainly relies on manipulation to get what she wants. Lady Macbeth believed if she manipulated Macbeth, her husband, she would be able to have King Duncan murdered. She knew that Macbeth had to murder King Duncan, as the 3 witches had a prophecy of Macbeth becoming king. Lady Macbeth was certain that this would then …show more content…

Corruption of power is something that develops when someone is in greed to hold what one desires. Macbeth corrupts through power to achieve his desire which is becoming the King of Scotland and take over King Duncan. Macbeth has his powerful force as an excuse to do whatever he likes and control others. He went against the usual order of things in government and decided that if he became king, things would be done his way. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case and instead, destruction of seff occurs as Macbeth is not suitable to be the king of Scotland. He was easily influenced by his wife, Lady Macbeth to kill King Duncan and become king, she was always telling him what to do and how to be the best. Macbeth always thought to himself, the level of power i hold can be much higher, i must achieve the best i can get, which is king. Macbeth is most definitely a man who constantly uses and abuses his power to corrupt against other characters gaining full respect and power over

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